The founder of the company Usługi Ślusarskie is M. Sc Paweł Siwak. The company was founded in 1993, and at the beginning it was a very small workshop providing a narrow and specialized group of services in the field of machining. Therefore, the plant successfully undertook cooperation with major partners; and the company began to provide services on an increasing scale. At the beginning the company was equipped with conventional machine tools (lathes, milling machines, drilling machines), but with increasing customer requirements and the desired quality of manufactured parts and metal parts, the plant decided to invest in modern CNC machines (Computer Numeric Control). This allowed the company to gain access to new technologies and as a significant development of the company, helped to attract new customers and broaden the scope of services provided. Currently, the company has expanded its portfolio of services in the design and performance of CNC machines.

     In 2005, the company built a new production plant on the street Ostrowska 147a in Sieroszewice .This is a production hall with a social-office part.

     In February 2007, the company Usługi Ślusarskie – Cut Steel was founded and is owned by M. S Piotr Siwak. Both plants complement each other and work together. It should be emphasized that the company Cut Steel is still developing. With increasing employment in the factory the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 was implemented.

     The plant in 2007 was awarded and honored by the PIP (“Państwową Inspekcja Pracy” which stands for National Labor Inspectorate) with a diploma for participation in the competition “Employer- organizer of safe work”. The awards ceremony took place in November during the Poznan International Fair in the building World Trade Center.

     The company is staffed by employees, who possess necessary skills and knowledge for carrying out the work in the field of machining.